Front End Development

Front End

Front-end development is nearly an inseparable aspect of web development nowadays. We go beyond just the regular development of responsive, mobile first web sites. We leverage front-end technologies like JavaScript and its ecosystem (React, Grunt etc) to deliver fast, responsive, requirements and goal driven applications.

Information from W3Techs shows that technologies we use is used to power over 15% of the world’s one million largest websites and over 54% of all websites using a CMS.

technologies we use is searched 5 times as much as Joomla and 9 times more often than Drupal.

It's safe to say that technologies we use is the leading website platform on the Internet at the moment.

Primal Skill has been involved in development since the inception of the company. We've seen and done most things possible with our technologies and we love it. We have developed with our technologies CMS solutions ranging from simple blogs to massively customized with our technologies implementations serving complex business needs.

Technologies We Use